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Call for Papers

Imaginative Education Research Group

Abstract Deadline: February 21, 2005
Paper Deadline: August 31, 2005

This conference, which uses Open Conference Systems developed by the Public Knowledge Project, enables participants to submit abstracts online at http://www.ierg.net/confs/submit.php?cf=5.

Presentations can include:

• Single papers (abstract max of 250 words)
• Workshop (abstract max of 250 words)
• Roundtables/discussions (abstract max of words)
• Panel Session (abstract max of words)
• Virtual Presentation: A paper submitted without the presenter attending the conference in person, but included as part of the conference proceedings (the Journal) in print and electronic formats. (abstract max of words)

Call for Papers Announcement

“Engaging the Imagination in teaching and learning”

The Imaginative Education Research Group (IERG), of the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University is pleased to announce our 3rd International Conference on Imagination and Education. The conference will be held from Wednesday, July 13th through Saturday, July 16th, 2005 at the Coast Plaza Hotel at Stanley Park, in Vancouver, Canada. This event will continue the dialogue that began with our first two conferences that brought over 600 people together from more than 15 different countries. Previous keynote speakers included Dr. Elliot Eisner and Dr. Nel Noddings and one of the highlights of this year’s conference will be our keynote speaker Dr. Maxine Greene.

To continue on the path of exploring imagination and education, the conference committee invites proposals related to the conference theme of engaging the imagination in teaching and learning from researchers and practitioners in all areas of education. In addition to several related sub-themes, this year we are also inviting proposals for a Special Interest Group (SIG). Any submission that draws on, has been based on, is related to, and/or critiques or analyses the work of the Imaginative Education Research Group or of Kieran Egan may be submitted under this SIG.

The deadline for proposal submissions is February 4th, 2005. To submit a proposal and for complete information on all aspects of this year's conference, please go to: http://www3.educ.sfu.ca/conferences/ierg2005 . You may also wish to visit our IERG website at http://www.ierg.net for information about the IERG, its members, publications and activities. To learn about the last two conferences, please go to: http://www.ierg.net/events-news/conferences.html

We would be pleased if you would join us at this wonderful celebration of imagination, education, teacher-practitioners, and the awesome city of Vancouver, BC, Canada. We would also appreciate it if you would forward this email to others who may be interested in submitting a proposal or attending this conference.

The Imaginative Education Research Group


Theme A: Imaginative Curriculum Design Across the Disciplines
Theme B: Imagination in Educational Philosophy and Research
Theme C: Imagination and the Arts
Theme D: Imagination, Language and Literacy Learning
Theme E: Imagination and Science Education
Theme F: Imagination and Critical Thinking in Education
Theme G: Imagination, Technology and Media Studies
Theme H: Special Interest Group

The IERG was founded by Kieran Egan and has been working to expand the convergence of theory and practice in the realm of education to increase the use of imagination in teaching and learning. With that in mind, this year in response to requests we have added a Special Interest Group which will encompass any work that draws on, has been based on, is related to, and/or critiques or analyses the work of the Imaginative Education Research Group or of Kieran Egan.

Presentation Formats
Proposals will be accepted for the following formats:
Paper (30 min):
A session involving a min speaker presentation followed by questions and answers.
Workshop (60 min):
A session involving audience participation.
Panel Discussion (20 min):
A session involving three registered presenters who will discuss their work for 15 minutes followed by a 5 min discussion. Panels will be organized by theme and will have a chair. Presenters may self-organize a panel discussion and inform the conference coordinator
Roundtable (20 min):
Three 20 minute roundtables with each focusing on an issue that is linked to the conference themes and that is of interest or concern to all. Not conducive to the use of AV equipment.

All presenters will be asked if they are willing to chair a session(s). This is not compulsory but definitely adds to the collegial atmosphere when diverse presenters participate in this way.

Language of Delivery – English

AV equipment & Materials
IERG will pay for overhead projectors only – presenters are responsible for the costs of any other AV equipment that they require. Presenters are expected to duplicate any handouts at their own expense.

Please submit an outline of your proposal, 250 words max, no later than 4 February 2005
Blind Reviews by the Conference Committee will occur during the month of February 2005
Acceptance will be sent by 28 February 28, 2005
The deadline for accepted submissions is 31 August 2005
Please note: dates may be subject to change.

Al l presenters can enjoy the Early Bird Registration of $350. They are encouraged to register early (by 15 May 2005) to facilitate our planning of the conference program. Presenters who have not registered or made arrangements with the Conference Coordinator by June 15th may be removed from the program.

Special Notes for Presenters
1. Currently there are no subsidies or funding grants available from the IERG
2. Presenters are expected to
- Cover their own expenses to attend the conference
- Pay the conference registration fee
- Make their own childcare arrangements

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