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  • It’s great stuff! I was exposed to it through the article in Educational Leadership and I am now reading the book. It makes so much sense! Thank you for your great work! Dave Bell (Texas)

    When I started to use IE several years ago now, that I tried it out in a few lessons here and there, was amazed at the success and then began to look for other areas and subjects in which I could use the Lesson Planning Frameworks and other aspects of the theory. Pamela Hagen.

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    2014 IERG International Conference

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    IERG Conference 2014 - PICTURES



    9th IERG International Conference on

    Imagination and Education

    “Imagination . . . is reason in its most exalted mood.” William Wordsworth, Prelude, Book IV.


    The great workhorse of learning

    Wednesday, July 2nd - Friday, July 4th, 2014

    Harbour Centre, Simon Fraser University
    Vancouver, Canada


    Welcome to our 9th. International Conference on Imagination and Education.

    This year our general theme is about the centrality of the imagination in learning. We call it the "great workhorse" of learning, implying, of course, that it is too little recognized and too little used. Educational authorities spend fortunes on trying to improve educational achievement while ignoring one of the great powerhouses for engaging students, increasing performance by any measures, expanding knowledge, and deepening understanding. The conference is dedicated to showing how proper attention to the imaginations of students and teachers can greatly improve education.

    Not only will you have the opportunity to be part of the IERG 9th International Conference on Imagination and Education, you'll be able to do so in one of the world's "most beautiful and liveable cities".

    With a vast multicultural population, endless activities, and excellent infrastructure, Vancouver is welcoming to all, everything is within reach. The Vancouver International Airport has consistently been rated as a top North American airport providing easy access from all over the world. Exceptional public transportation is overshadowed slightly by the convenience of Vancouver as a great walking city - clean, green, safe, and easily accessible!

    Please join us in Vancouver to celebrate imaginative education and help increase understanding of the imagination and its vital educational roles.


    Banner workshop 2014


    When: Wednesday July 2nd, 2014
    Where: SFU's Harbour Centre at 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada - room 1400/1410
    By: Kieran Egan & Annabella Cant
    09.00 am - 04.00 pm

    Keynote Speakers


    Prof. John Willinsky

    Willinsky, John

    We are proud to announce our Thursday opening keynote speaker:


    John Willinsky is a Canadian educator, activist, and author. Professor Willinsky is currently on the faculty of the Stanford Graduate School of Education where he is the Khosla Family Professor. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. He directs the Public Knowledge Project at UBC and SFU.

    His keynote presentation titled "The Intellectual Properties of the Imagination" is not to be missed.


    The Intellectual Properties of the Imagination

    We may be remiss in introducing the imagination into education without also teaching the young about the legal and economic implications of imaginative labor and learning. How is it that the law seeks to protect and encourage the use of the imagination? What does its place in the economy – and, frequently, in the courts – reveal about the value of the imagination in today’s world? What do the young need to know about their rights in the use of the imagination? How can they do more to defend the liberties by which the imagination and learning thrive? If this be learning’s great workhorse, in its exalted mood, then let us harness it for teaching, as well, about its force and weight in the world, or so this presentation will argue.


    Opening keynote presentation:

    Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

    09.00 am - 10.00 am: Fletcher Challenge Canada Theatre (room 1900)



    Prof. Kieran Egan


    We are proud to announce our Friday morning keynote speaker:

    KIERAN EGAN, Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University.

    Kieran Egan is currently Director of the IERG. His interests include trying to sketch a new educational scheme based in part on Vygotskian ideas, and also working out ways to help students and teachers find the regular subjects of the curriculum more imaginatively engaging. He graduated from London University with a B.A. in History, and from Cornell University with a Ph.D. in Education.

    His keynote presentation is titled “Why education is so difficult and contentious”.


    “Why education is so difficult and contentious”

    This talk makes the argument that thinking about education during this century has almost entirely involved mixtures of just three ideas—socialization, Plato’s academic idea, and Rousseau’s developmental idea. We may see why education is so difficult and contentious if we examine these three ideas and the ways they interact in educational thinking today. The particular combination of these ideas that we deploy governs what we do in schools, and what we do to children in the name of education. Our problems are due to these three ideas each being fatally flawed and being also incompatible with one other. But there is a way round the impasse.


    Keynote presentation:

    Friday, July 4th, 2014

    09.00 am - 10.00 am: Fletcher Challenge Canada Theatre (room 1900)

    Dr. Gillian Judson


    We are proud to announce our closing keynote speaker:

    Gillian Judson, Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University.

    Gillian Judson is also one of the Directors of the Imaginative Education Research Group. She is particularly interested in sustainability and how an ecologically sensitive approach to education can both increase students’ engagement with, and understanding of, the usual content of the curriculum and can show it in a light that can lead to a sophisticated ecological consciousness. Her work in Place-Based Education also overlaps with some aspects of WSPs. Dr. Judson published A New Approach to Ecological Education (New York: Lang Publishing, 2010). and has a new book (in press) with Pacific Educational Press entitled Engaging imagination in ecological education: A practical guide for teachers (to be published in 2014).

    Her keynote presentation is titled "The Role Of Mental Imagery In Imaginative And Ecological Teaching".


    The Role Of Mental Imagery In Imaginative And Ecological Teaching

    During his keynote address at the 2003 IERG conference, Elliot Eisner argued that the image lies at the core of education. Unfortunately, like so many tools of the imagination, mental imagery is neglected in most classrooms. This session considers how mental imagery evoked from words enhances the learning of cross-curricular content in general and how, in particular, it may help cultivate students’ ecological understanding. An image-focused pedagogy doesn’t fit comfortably into the kinds of objectives-based models of education most teachers are taught to use, however, so I try to evoke a new image: through the haze cast by our current ways of teaching curricula shines a new possibility for more meaningful and engaging school experiences based on students’ and teachers’ imaginative engagement with curricular content.


    Closing keynote presentation:

    Friday, July 4th, 2014

    04.15 pm - 05.00 pm: Fletcher Challenge Canada Theatre (room 1900)

    Wine and Cheese Welcoming Reception

    Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 - 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

    Attend our complimentary Wine and Cheese Welcoming Reception from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 2nd, which will be held in the Segal Conference Room, at SFU's Harbour Centre, with floor to ceiling windows that overlook the beautiful North Shore Mountains and historic CP Rail Station.

    Pick up your conference materials and name badge, enjoy the wine and cheese and a cash bar. Meet IERG members, and network with colleagues and presenters from around the world.

    During the reception participants will be introduced to all programs and projects of the Imaginative Education Research Group, having the chance to start conversations with IE experts and practitioners.

    Please RSVP during the registration process.

    wine and cheese


    Program at a glance

    Conference Ticket: $ 395 CAD

    Conference Student Ticket: $ 125 CAD

    Conference Teacher Ticket: $ 295 CAD

    Dinner Boat Cruise Ticket: $ 95 CAD

    Dinner Boat Cruise

    Friday, July 4th, 2014 (18.30 - 22.30) - Boarding Time: 18.00

    Skyline Vancouver

    Enjoy a different view of Vancouver, and a wonderful catered dinner buffet as you cruise by these popular sights.

     instagram harbour cruises on Instagram

    The different popular sights we will see include the following:

    - Stanley Park
    - Lions Gate Bridge
    - English Bay Beach
    - Kitsilano
    - Granville Island
    - Yaletown
    - False Creek (Telus World of Science)

    Conference to be held at SFU's Harbour Centre

    SFU's Harbour Centre at 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 5K3

    sfu exterior

    Harbour Centre houses SFU's downtown campus and offers excellent conference facilities for our use.  Harbour Centre is located in Vancouver's historic Spencer building, at the corner of Hastings and Richards streets in the city’s Heritage District. Shopping, restaurants, hotels and entertainment facilities are all minutes away.

    For more information about location and directions, please click here.

    Click here for Tourism Vancouver website.


    Delta hotel logo  Delta hotel logo panorama  Delta hotel logo

    We are pleased to confirm special rates for our attendees at Delta Vancouver Suites as outlined below:

    Delta Suite: SINGLE/DOUBLE $189.00/night

    Deluxe Suite: SINGLE/DOUBLE $214.00/night

    Signature Club Suite: SINGLE/DOUBLE $239.00/night

    Callers must mention the group name “2014 IERG International Conference” to ensure they receive the appropriate rate and are included in the guest suite block.


    • Please be advised that all suites are quoted in Canadian funds, are per suite per night and are net, non-commissionable.
    • Maximum occupancy per room: 4/room.
    • In addition to the quoted room rates all applicable taxes, fees and charges will apply.
    • Please note that these negotiated group rates are available (subject to space availability) for individuals arriving up to 3 days before the IERG conference dates and staying up to 3 days after.

    Delta Vancouver Suites

    550 West Hastings Street
    Vancouver, British Columbia
    V6B 1L6 Canada

    E-mail: vancouversuites@deltahotels.com

    Phone 604-689-8188
    Fax 604-605-8881
    Reservations 888-890-3222

    check-in 3:00 PM
    check-out 12:00 PM

    What makes our event different?

    Beside experiencing Imaginative Educators who are at the top of their game, here’s what makes the IERG International Conference 2014 unique:

    First-class conference experience

    • From the moment you arrive on Wednesday, you’ll be provided for at every turn.Vancouver1

    Highly valuable content

    Extensive networking opportunities

    • You’ll make priceless professional connections throughout the entire event.

    Wine and Cheese Welcome Reception

    Amazing Dinner Boat Cruise

    • Enjoy a wonderful catered dinner buffet as you cruise by the panoramic vistas, large waterfront homes, privately owned islands, wildlife and more. A true delight! (optional)

    Vacation experience

    • If you’ve never visited Canada’s finest city, why not come early to Vancouver and make a vacation out of it?

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    IERGconf flyer

    Other conference Information


    Power Plugs and Sockets all over the World

    You may want to check what type of power plugs and sockets are used in the part of the world you are travelling to.

    lease take a look at the WORLD MAP OF POWER PLUGS AND SOCKETS

    Conference Fees

    • We regret that we are unable to send letters of Invitation. Please note that the registration confirmation you receive from us does not represent an invitation to attend the Congress for visa purposes.
    • The one time registration fee grants you admission to the IERG International Conference 2014 at SFU Harbour Centre from 02-04 July, 2014 and to the Wine and Cheese Welcoming Reception on Wednesday evening, July 2nd. You will be provided a name-tag, a conference program, and 2 coffee breaks each day at the conference.
    • Presenters are encouraged to register early to facilitate our planning of the conference program.
    • Please note that this registration fee does NOT cover your travel and accommodation.
    • For Group Registration (10 or above), we offer a discount of $30 CAD per registrant.
    • Individuals who provide notice of withdrawal in writing to jcant@sfu.ca, prior to June 15, 2014 will be eligible for a full refund, less a $50.00 process­ing fee. No refunds after June 15, 2014, due to fixed conference expenses at that point. Substitutions are permitted.


    2014 IERG Conference Chair: Joeri Cant

    If you have any questions about the IERG International Conference 2014, please contact: jcant@sfu.ca

    This website will be updated regularly with new information; please bookmark and return!